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Quickly and Easily in a Few Short Steps...

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Raise Your Emotional Intelligence

by Pamela Levin                    
  Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst                         

Yes, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is far more important
for success in life than IQ -

So . . . How can you raise your EQ?

I didn't even know how to ask about Emotional Intelligence when I was starting out in life.  Had I known, things would have been far different.

Now, with years of professional training, post-graduate study and 40 years' experience in counseling, teaching and training, I have learned:

1. That "How to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence" is the most fundamental and essential focus for succeeding in all areas of life

2. That it's possible to raise EQ and, most importantly,

3. How to do it!

This is information that not only worked (and continues to work) for me, but also for my private counseling clients, workshop participants, seminar attendees and other professionals around the world to whom I've taught this process.

I don't know about you, but I want to live in a world with far better emotional health. Why?

Because greater emotional competence means

  • less stress, 
  • fewer accidents, 
  • increased empathy 
  • better self-regulation 
  • higher self-worth 
  • enhanced mental health and physical health 
  • freedom from depression 
  • better quality relationships 
  • greater emotional satisfaction, 
  • higher ethics and morals and reduced greed and corruption, 
  • more emotional stability - 

well, you get the picture.

In other words, better emotional intelligence in one person makes the world that much better for everybody!

So where to start? Short answer: start where you are! 

And where is that?

Take this short, free emotional intelligence quiz to answer that. In a few minutes, you'll have your scores in the six basic areas of emotional intelligence (EQ).

You'll score yourself in each (don't worry, nobody's going to grade you, and nobody's going to look over your shoulder. This is information only for you, unless you decide to share it.)

Then choose any score you want to improve and follow the simple steps in the free followup EQ mini-course to learn how to raise it.

What do you want? To be a better parent or teacher or partner or employee or boss? To have more fulfilling relationships? Better physical or emotional health? To feel more confident? To create greater emotional satisfaction? To replace abuse with nourishment? Live more abundantly? Have job satisfaction (or even to have a job!)

The FIRST STEP for all of these is one you take on the INSIDE.

That's the step we often overlook through no fault of our own. It's just that we weren't taught that we have to START ON THE INSIDE!

But here's the thing - missing that first step sabotages everything after that!

You can take advantage of what I've learned and tested over these 40 years, and you can be sure you don't sabotage yourself by missing that first step. (Don't worry! It's a few short steps and it's easy to learn!)

Instantly unlock the "Raise Your EQ (Emotional Intelligence) Quiz and Mini-Course":

Yes, I want to start reaping the benefits of a higher EQ. I understand I'll receive the quiz and the instructions to show me how to use that information to raise my EQ.


“This material is invaluable in my work…”

Drug Abuse Counselor,
New York

“Thank you… spot-on... works like a charm.”

Orinda, Ca.

"...My career goal is to apply this material to working with parents and children in both educational and therapeutic settings…”

University student and mother,
Kronberg, Germany